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By A Wee Bit of Cake - October 23, 2014

Hi everyone,

Bit of a random post today – no recipe, more of a question for you all.

Over the past few weeks a few different bloggers have mentioned how they are getting fewer comments on their posts. Now I’m guilty of being a reader rather than a commenter. I tend to catch up on posts during the day using my Bloglovin app on my phone. I often think “I must leave a wee comment” but then I always forget – I am pretty useless on that front.

It has made me realise I need to be a more active blogger and let those lovely folk who let us glimpse in to their lives know that I support them. Sometimes people just need a wee confidence boost and a “Hello, keep writing, it’s ace.”

Now, I don’t get that many comments on here and that doesn’t bother me. I can see people are reading my ramblings so I’m going on the theory that those who read my blog are readers more than commenters just like I am. 

What I would like is for you, on this one occasion to stop by and say hello. If you are a fellow blogger please share your URL and if you are on twitter, share your username.  I’d really like to get to know more of my readers. Also, if it isn’t too much to ask can you say if you subscribe by email, a blog reader or wait til I tweet new posts. This post is all about us getting to know each other more.

I’ll be honest, I’m downright nosey and I want to know more about you. Yes this blog is my little spot on the web but I want to connect with other people too. Also, who knows….by reading the comments on this post (please someone comment!) you might find another blog you didn’t know existed and who knows where that may lead.

Now, if you prefer to remain anonymous and are thinking, “I’ll be nosey from the comfort of my computer, I ain’t sharing my info” that’s fine too.

So that’s it, stop by and say hello. Normal recipe posting will resume shortly.


Clare x

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  1. Hello there....
    I try to comment but there just isn't enough hours in the day sometimes! :)

    1. Hi Kim!

      I know what you mean, we all have the best intentions but it doesn't always happen. I'm determined to get better at it! :)

  2. Hello! you know I'm the most useless reader to have ever. Sorry about that!

    1. lol Georgie don't worry, you get a special pass to excuse you x

  3. Hello!

    I stopped by after clicking on the Sainsbury's links. I'm Kathryn, I love cake and I lecture in a University. I've signed on for updates by email because I think the recipes look fabulous...

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      thanks for your lovely comment, I'm glad to hear you like what you read. If you are on twitter too, please stop by and say hello @aweebitofcake.

      Do you blog at all or are you just a reader?