Sweet Shop Heaven

By A Wee Bit of Cake - September 23, 2014

Sweets – I love them, like seriously adore them. I never really left that phase of my childhood behind and I can easily demolish a bag of harbio in an afternoon although it does give me bellyache afterwards. One day I'll learn not to be so greedy. 

Now I know how bad sugar is for us but I can’t resist it. I see all these people giving up sugar but to me how can you enjoy food without sugar? I don’t believe in banning foods, it just leads to binging but a little bit of what you fancy now and again never did any of us any harm.

When Sharon from Pudsey & West Leeds CCC said they were having a Sweet Shop Heaven themed event I knew I had to be there. Initially I wanted a cake focusing on a specific sweet but I couldn’t choose so in the end I went for a sweetie basket cake.

Confession though… Initially this cake was supposed to be a sweetie bucket but the bucket idea failed miserably so I decided on the basket instead. I had been wanting to try the basket weave technique for ages so this was the perfect opportunity.

I won’t share my sponge recipe with you cos that was a bit of a disaster too, I wanted to create a raspberry ripple effect but it didn’t work in the way I wanted it too. It still tasted fine and the concept needs more work – another excuse for cake (like I need an excuse!)

The basket weave technique is so easy. Instead of me explaining it just check out this video. It really helped me and it didn’t take very long to do at all. One tip though – don’t fill your piping bag full of buttercream. Your hands can cause it to soften too much so when you pipe it won’t hold its shape as well and it can go a bit mushy.

You can see where the buttercream went a little mushy on me

This is a bit of a weird post but apart from the video there is no point in me explaining it. Use your favourite sponge recipe, do the basket weave and chuck all your favourite sweeties on top. A very easy and effective style of cake.


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  1. These cakes are amazing! I love your sweet basket cake. The icing is fantastic x

  2. aww thanks! Honestly it's all in the nozzle. Those basket weave nozzles are amazing :)