Rapberry Jam

By A Wee Bit of Cake - September 03, 2014

Jam – love it! Perfect on a scone with some jam and clotted cream, sandwiched in a Victoria Sponge or if it’s the seedless variety, mix it in with buttercream as an easy way to flavour it.

For years I have been put off making jam cos I thought it was really difficult but it’s actually really easy especially if you make raspberry. Raspberries have a higher level of pectin in them than other fruits so you don’t need jam sugar or adding lemon, it’s a simple case of equal quantities of raspberries and sugar, boil it up and there you have it – jam!

Now the organised person in me would have went to one of those pick your own farms during the summer but between going on holiday and being so stressed about driving lessons and my test I just didn’t find the time. I have found though that raspberries are still being sold pretty cheap at Leeds markets if you go to one of the fruit stalls out the back (250g for £1.50) which is a lot less than the supermarkets and if I can time it right and be there around closing time then the raspberries are even cheaper.

Raspberry Jam
2/3 glass jars with lids
500g raspberries
500g granulated sugar
Sugar thermometer (I use my Thermapen)
Baking tray

  • Preheat the oven to 120C (fan)

  • Wash the jars in hot soapy water, rinse off the suds then place on a baking tray and into the oven to dry off for around 20mins. Do not remove the jars until you are ready to put the jam in.

  • Using a very deep pan mix the raspberries and sugar together until it’s all mushy.

  • Bring to the boil then rapid boil for around 5mins or until your sugar thermometer reaches 104C.

  • Skim off the frothy bits using a slotted spoon then carefully pour the jam into the jug.

  • Take the jars out of the oven and pour the jam from the jug into the jars until it almost reaches the top.

  • If you find one jar isn’t totally full, don’t worry about, I reserve that one as a taster one for me!

  • Screw the lids on using a tea towel as they might be hot from being in the oven.

  • Leave to cool and set and these will keep for up to a year in a cool dark cupboard. Remember to refrigerate once opened.


Now I feel the need to make some scones to enjoy my jam properly, yum!

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