Meal Planning Monday

By A Wee Bit of Cake - September 22, 2014

Another week over and it’s Monday again – how did that happen?

Last week was chaotic for me, every day was busy and we stuck to the meal plan for the first half of the week but then Mr T got asked to go on a last minute school trip to France for the weekend so Thursday ended up being chippy tea and I just cobbled random bits together for myself over the weekend. When I’m cooking for one I just can’t be bothered with anything fancy.

I’ve a cake order this week so I’m hoping we mostly stick to the meal plan but depending on how much I’ve to do there might be a midweek takeaway. I was so tempted by Chinese last night but I was good. I had no cash on me and when I looked on Just Eat it was minimum £10 spend with at least £1 delivery and I’m not spending £11+ on a takeaway for one.

Anyway… here is this week’s plan:
Monday – freezer dive – it’s just me again cos Mr T doesn’t get in til late and I want to make a start on the cake decorations. Something I can stick in the oven is ideal.
Tuesday – pork with apple, cider and cream
Wednesday – steak pie. I’m going to be organised and make the filling on Tuesday so it’s just a case of rolling out the pastry lid and popping it in the oven.
Thursday – lamb chops, rice and veg
Friday – Paneer Curry
Saturday – Mr T is on a dive trip so I’ll make something wholesome for him coming back, he’s always hungry after a trip
Sunday – Roast

As always I’ll be linking up over at Mrs M’s and this week I will do my best to get some other posts up. I can’t have you lot reading about my meal plans constantly.

Have a great week!

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