By A Wee Bit of Cake - September 26, 2014

I can't believe I'm having to write this post, to be honest I'm still in a state of shock.... We had to say goodbye to our beloved Freddie bun and I just can't get my head around it.

On Wednesday Mr T text me about 5pm saying Freddie wasn't well and he was taking him to the vets and I was to meet them there. Immediately alarm bells rang because Mr T is always reluctant to take him to the vets cos Freddie gets quite stressed and it tends to affect his tummy which isn't a good thing in rabbits.

When I got to the vets Mr T said Freddie hadn't eaten his breakfast from earlier, wasn't interested in treats and just didn't seem himself. Still I wasn't overly worried, he's gone off his food before and usually comes back to it after a short while.

We got called in by the Vet and within minutes he diagnosed a mass on the abdomen and I'll be honest it totally knocked me for six. I was expecting a course of antibiotics and being sent on our way, not this. The Vet also suggested a bladder infection cos when he put pressure on Freddie he did a little wee. He decided to keep Freddie in and do an X-ray. At this point I still thought I would be going to pick him up in the morning and heading into work late.

Within half an hour of getting home the Vet called to say it was bad news, Freddie had a tumor and he advised that he be put to sleep and it was best to do it that night to minimalise his suffering.

We were both stunned and devastated and headed straight to the vets. Honestly saying goodbye was horrendous, just heartbreaking. I can't talk about it but all I can say is the Vet was brilliant, we couldn't have asked for anyone better.

Since then we have both been an emotional mess. I'm not an animal person at all but Freddie, he got under my skin and into my heart. That bun sure knew how to get people to fall in love with him. He was so docile and easy going. Nothing phased him. I would be vacuuming and he wouldn't bat an eyelid, just stretched out in the corner watching me or better still, running round my feet trying to trip me up. He hated being picked up but stroke him and he will lie by your side forever. He had a habit of lying down between my feet, quite content never mind the fact I was trying to do stuff. If I'd known our time would be cut short I would have relished those times more but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

He always loved bananas too, he's the only rabbit I knew of that turned his nose up at carrots and only ate them if he really had to. If I walked into the room with a banana his nose would twitch and he'd come running over to me trying to get at the banana.

Our Freddie was a house rabbit through and through. A few times we put him outside and he hated it. He couldn't figure out how to eat grass and would only eat it off my hand. The wind scared him but the vacuum didn't. 

Oddly cables were fine around him, the only time he chewed them was if they were in his way trying to get somewhere. His favourite spot to sit was under the computer next to the plugs but he never ever chewed them. He just liked to find a wee spot to chill out and stretch out.

Thank-you Freddie for being the best pet I could ask for, I'll never forget you. I hope you aren't angry with our decision and that you are no longer suffering. I'm just sorry we never knew you were ill sooner. That's prey animals for you - you don't like to show illness and weakness. Strong until the end.

Our Freddle, our Sir Poops-a-Lot, our Doodle.

Love you always xxx

The day we bought him, he was such a little thing.
He had a phase of one ear being up and the other being down, so cute!
Patiently waiting on his dinner
He loved his grub!
This was taken only last week, who knew you could have so much fun with a paper bag?

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