Blog Every Day in November - An Introduction

By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 02, 2013

Ok so I'm a day late in starting this but I just figured I would do two posts in one day. Back in May my wee blog had only been going for just over a month and I noticed a lot of other bloggers were taking part in "Blog Every Day in May." I wasn't feeling confident enough to take part but then yesterday I was reading Emma's post on Oh Gosh and she mentioned that Elizabeth from Rosalilium had set up the challenge again but this time for November. I only read this post on my way back from work and as we were going out yesterday evening I didn't have time to blog.

So here goes.... first topic -  An Introduction!

Well the clue is in the title of this blog, I am just a wee bit cake obsessed. For those of you that don't know me or are new to my blog here are a few wee facts about me:

Im called Clare and it drives me mad every time people spell my name with an "i" especially when they are replying to an email/tweet and the correct spelling is there in front of them!

I'm 27 and have recently had to start dying my hair :( It's always naturally been really dark brown but these past few years the whites have been coming through more and more so I eventually had to bite the bullet and dye it.

Im originally from Belfast but came to England for uni when I was 18, met Himself and we have recently got engaged!!! 

I have a pet rabbit called Freddie who is just a cute bundle of fluff. When we bought him we were told he was a dwarf lop cross so we thought he wouldnt grow much. Wrong! This boyo is big and a wee bit on the tubby side.

Cake - it's one of the best things ever and it led me to joining the Clandestine Cake Club and co-organising the Wharfedale branch of the CCC. I love it and it makes me so happy. If you love cake you have to join!

Some other random facts you may or may not know:

My favourite chocolate is Galaxy Cookie Crumble but when I'm back home it has to be Dairy Milk Golden Crunch made by Cadbury Ireland. I really wish I could buy Cadbury Ireland products in England, they are so much creamier than the UK stuff.

My full time job is a 3D Visualiser (I turn architect's drawings into 3D images) but I really wish I could own my own cake shop.

I love Neighbours, it's my favourite soap. Nothing beats it, it really is my guilty pleasure.

I'm a terrible nail chewer. I'm determined to grow them for the wedding but at the moment I'm failing miserably.

I miss the coast, Otley is a lovely place to live but nothing beats being near the sea. Everyone tells me "but it's only two hours to Scarborough" but it's not the same as driving for 10mins on an evening and having a wander along the beach.

So that's it - me! May have rambled on a bit there, oops... but then again that's another fact about me. I can talk and talk - must have the gift of the gab!

Let's hope I can stick to this challenge, I'm looking forward to each day's topic.


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