BEDN - National Stress Awareness Day

By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 06, 2013

Stress – we all deal with it in different ways. Depending on how stressed I feel causes me to react in a variety of ways. Sometimes I scream and shout (it’s the Irish in me, I can’t help it!), other times I just need a good cry to get it out of my system but often getting into the kitchen is the best way for me to de-stress. Absorbing myself in a recipe or kneading some bread dough allows me to remove myself from the situation and then when I think about it later I often wonder why I was getting so stressed out in the first place!

Now wedding planning has taken me to a whole new level of stress that at times I am struggling to deal with. Choosing the venue was one big headache especially as the one I had my heart set on turned out to be a wedding factory and I felt so disappointed. Then there is the issue of the guest list and my top table. Himself’s parents are divorced but if they bring a plus one to the wedding does that mean that two people we have never met get to sit at our top table? Everything else I feel fairly laid back about but that one issue is stressing me big time! Every time it crops up I just need to push it to the back of my mind and think we have lots of time to plan, I’ll worry about it closer to the date.

Right, need to switch off about that now, I can feel myself starting to worry about it again!

How do you deal with stress? I think the main advice I stick to is to talk about it or write it down. Don’t let it eat at you otherwise you will end up as one big ball of tension!

These BEDN topics certainly are pushing me to write about topics I would never have considered sharing on the blog!

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