BEDN - Day in the life of me

By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 09, 2013

I have quite enjoyed the challenge of this post and it shows you what my average day is like. Not all the photos are the most exciting but then I spend all day working in an office. I know the guidelines said to take a photo every hour but then you would have had a series of photos of desk, keyboard, phone, back to desk again, oh look I'm at the printer - not the most exciting of photos!

So here it is, a day in the life of me...

Me about to leave for work; walking through the park on my way for the bus and my bacon butty - It's a Friday tradition that work buy us breakfast sandwiches every week :)

Doing some brochure work; looking at the pile of lists and recipes on my desk and thinking I need to sort it; keyboard, day book and pen - thought you needed one of those photos!

Pub at lunch with my colleagues, we don't go every Friday but do try to go when we get a chance; Friday playlist is playing and looking at the scaffolding wondering when it will come down; geeky photo - I love my mechanical pencil and finally, curry for tea!

Looking at blogger thinking I need to write up this post but realising I will probably do it on Saturday morning instead; looking at bread recipes for some baking inspiration for this weekend and chilling with my pet rabbit Freddie before bed.

So that's it, my day! Not the most exciting but hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my world.

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