BEDN - Bonfire Night

By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 05, 2013

Bonfire Night – would you believe I had never been to a bonfire until I came to England for uni? We don’t celebrate it in Ireland and have fireworks on Halloween instead.

My first bonfire night experience was at the Halls I lived in during my first year of uni. Himself and I had only just started dating so he decided I needed to experience my first bonfire night and I loved it although I couldn’t believe how big the bonfire was, it was massive!!! I also tasted pie and peas for the first and last time (really not a fan – sorry!)

Fast forward a few years and we have moved in together. Our house had some wasteland at the back so Himself thought it was the perfect place to host our very own Bonfire Night Extravaganza! Over the course of 3 years it became an annual tradition, next door would remove their fence panels so the two back gardens became one, we used an old metal drum for the bonfire and made a trip down to a fireworks supplier to get some good fireworks. None of this supermarket stuff for us, Himself loved to put on a great display.

When we moved last year our new house had a smaller garden and houses directly behind so it wasn’t safe or practical to host our annual Bonfire Night Extravaganza. We did miss it last year but as bonfire night rolls around we are glad that we took advantage of our location and did it when we could. Hopefully in years to come when we move again we will be able to buy somewhere with lots of land and once again start hosting a bonfire night event.

Here are a few photos from over the years…

Very proud of his rocket launchers!
Always have to make a cake too!
I hope you all have a lovely evening tonight to celebrate and remember to stay safe!

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