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By A Wee Bit of Cake - November 08, 2013

This post is a day late oops! I did have my list jotted down on a piece of paper but I left it at work and forgot to bring it home with me last night.

So – lists… I’m always making lists and at the moment the wedding to do list keeps growing but for now the wedding side of the brain is being switched off!

One list I do enjoy adding to is my baking to do list which includes all the skills and bakes I want to master in baking and sugarcraft.

At the moment this is my top 10 Baking and Sugarcraft List:

  1. Master sugar roses and other flowers (especially as I am making my wedding cake and I want to decorate it with these).
  2. Buttercreaming a cake to be fully smooth – at the moment whenever I ice a cake in buttercream I can never get as smooth a finish as I would like. Will crack this one day!
  3. Successfully grow a sourdough starter and make bread from it.
  4. Increase my bread making abilities with sweet and savoury dough.
  5. Learn how to make different types of pastry. At the moment I haven’t ventured beyond sweet and savoury pastry.
  6. Create some French patisserie desserts.
  7. Temper chocolate and make creative decorations from it.
  8. Be more ambitious in my flavour combinations.
  9. Pipe decoratively in royal icing.
  10. Make jam/chutneys.

So that’s my list – what sort of lists do you like to make?

the ever growing pile of lists that likes to build up at my desk at work!

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