50 foodie things to do before you die

By A Wee Bit of Cake - September 26, 2013

Yesterday on Twitter Mrs M posted this blog post about an article she saw in the Waitrose weekend supplement – 50 foodie things to do before you die. I thought I would use her idea (I did ask her first!) and post what I have and haven’t done.

1. Enjoy posh plonk with a takeaway
2. Have afternoon tea at Betty's, Harrogate
Does the Ilkley one count? I have been to Bettys in Harrogate for a cream tea but only had afternoon tea at the Ilkley one. I think I’ll count it as a yes!
3. Dig fresh British asparagus from the soil and straight into the pan
4. Bake a chocolate cake with your kids, enjoy the mess
Well I don’t have kids yet but I have baked with my nieces and nephews lots of times so I’ll say that’s a yes too!
5. Try caviar
6. Master the art of marinated BBQ lamb
7. Breakfast in style at The Wolseley, London
8. Indulge in bread and butter pudding
Yuk! Don’t like bread and butter pudding. Soggy bread is just all wrong!
9. Dine at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California
10. Catch and cook fish on a beach
11. Sip coffee and croissants in a Parisian corner café
12. Dine at Club Cinquante-Cinq in sun-soaked St Tropez
13. Enjoy crab sandwiches by the sea
14. Collect fresh hen's eggs from a warm nest and cook them over a fire
15. Smother Cornish clotted cream on a fruit scone
Is there any other way to eat a scone?
16. Cook a curry from scratch and wait for the spice aromas to take over
Oh yes! Nothing beats a proper curry made from scratch.
17. Perfect your crispy pork crackling
I'm getting there with it…
18. Cure raw fish at home
19. Dine at two Michelin-starred L'Enclume in Lake District
20. Treat yourself to chocolate eclairs with crispy choux, Chantilly cream and quality chocolate
I’ve eaten chocolate eclairs but Im not a fan of choux pastry.
21. Savour a hot chocolate fondant
Oh yes!
22. Pick wild blackberries
Yup! Our old house had some wasteland where apples and blackberries grew. Was fab at this time of year.
23. Enjoy the set lunch menu at Le Gavroche
24. Rediscover greengages
25. Sample a Guinness at The Stag's Head, Dublin
26. Cook a perfectly timed Sunday roast
Yup! Considering I couldn’t cook a thing when I went away to uni I have now mastered the Sunday roast.
27. Plan a woodland picnic of elderflower cordial, egg sandwiches, sausage rolls and scones
Been on lots of picnics so I’ll say yes to that one!
28. Grow your own vegetables
We tried and failed miserably. I’m not very green fingered.
29. Make creamy and zesty homemade lemonade
30. Dine at the popular Racine, in Knightsbridge
31. Discover the joy of baking homemade bread
Yup, I find baking bread very therapeutic although sometimes I’m lazy and just stick it in the mixer to do all the hard work.
32. Be thrifty and make your own soup
Yup! My mum makes the best vegetable soup but I can never get mine to taste as good.
33. Visit the food stalls of the Jemaa el Fna market, Marrakech
34. Learn how to joint a whole chicken
35. Lunch at The Walnut Tree, Abergavenny
36. Make homemade ice-cream
37. Make proper Seville orange marmalade
38. Try the classic taste of British ale with a Scotch egg
39. Drop in to Carnegie Deli, New York
40. Cut honeycomb from a hive and enjoy on hot toast
41. Enjoy the simple delight of a homemade pork pie on a sunny picnic
I’ve had a pork pie but I didn’t like it – maybe it’s an English thing?
42. Join London's crack-of-dawn butchers for a fry-up at Smithfield Market
43. Explore Malaysian street food in Kuala Lumpur
44. Visit Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo
45.  Eat fish'n'chips on a harbour wall in the salty sea air
46. Sample tapas in San Miguel Market, Madrid
47. Dine at The Seahorse, Dartmouth
48. Toast a haggis with a single malt whisky on Burns Night
49. Seek out wild British strawberries to pick
50. Follow an international wine trail to learn more about production and heritage

So if I have counted right that's 16/50 that I have done. Not too bad considering I'm still in my 20's!

How many items on this list have you done? Is there anything you would add to it?

I think I would add:

Go to a Brazilian steakhouse - the one in Leeds, Fazenda, is amazing!
Experience Teppenyaki - we have been before and it's so much fun!
Go to a Clandestine Cake Club event - everyone needs to experience eating their own body weight in cake!
Making salted caramel - yes I know, mildy addicted to it but you have to try it!
Have a proper bowl of Irish stew - my mum makes the best stew and I hope she makes me some when I'm back home next month. Yum!

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