Yorkshire Day - celebrating with Yorkshire Tea

By A Wee Bit of Cake - August 06, 2013

Last Thursday 1st August saw the lovely ladies from the Wharfedale CCC celebrate Yorkshire Day at the Create Café in Ilkley. Back in May myself and our other organiser Kathryn went on a venue hunt and when we stumbled across Create we knew it would make the perfect venue for a CCC event. It is a pottery studio and cafe and Jayne the owner is so so lovely.

So Yorkshire Tea sponsored the event and they supplied us with bunting, balloons and of course tea to enjoy at our celebrations. Everyone pitched in to decorate before we could get down to the important business of eating cake! There were so many cakes to match our theme of “Yorkshire born and bred with nowt taken out!” and everyone came up with some very imaginative ideas for their cakes. To be honest I had no idea what to make but Himself is a Bradford lad and said I had to make something with rhubarb in it (nothing to do with his love of rhubarb at all!)

Cake time!
Fleur’s Leeds United Cake
Kathryn’s Black Tea, Blackberry, Lime and Honey Cake
Jane’s Cherry, Almond and Amaretto Cake
My Rhurbarb and Custard Cake
Janey’s Blackcurrant and Liquorice Cake
Melissa’s Gooseberry and Raspberry Cake
Helen’s Fruit Cake with cheese
Emma’s Chocolate Cola Cake
Jo’s Gooseberry and Elderflower Cake

All the Wharfedale CCC ladies and our plate!
After taking a wee break from all the cake eating we were given the option of painting pottery so we decided to paint a “Wharfedale CCC” plate that we can take and display at future events. As the CCC is all about different cakes bringing people together we each painted a slice of cake to represent all of the members of the group. I was so impressed by Create and I definitely think we will be bring the nieces or nephews there next time they come to visit.
It really was a perfect way to celebrate Yorkshire Day. Once again thank-you to Yorkshire Tea for the goodies they provided and a special thanks to Jayne at Create Café for her wonderful hospitality.

(btw you may notice this post is similar to that on the CCC website which I had also written but I wanted to personalise it a bit more for my wee blog)

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