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By A Wee Bit of Cake - May 16, 2013

As you may have seen in my previous post not only do I enjoy baking but I love the decorating side of it too. I debated writing and publishing this post incase it was a bit of me going "look what I can do" and people might think it was a bit arrogant but then I thought, I share my cakes on Facebook with friends and family who are probably bored of the endless cake photos at times but this is a cake blog and hopefully you who read this blog do so because you like all things cakey.

Often people will be amazed at some of these cakes to which I struggle to understand their amazement. To be honest I am my own worst critic but I want to tell you that if you are interested in cake decorating and sugarcraft keep at it and keep practising, you will get there.

Now I am no expert but I want you to know that it's amazing what you can achieve when you are self taught. The internet is an amazing resource especially Youtube for demonstration videos. I attended an evening class in sugarcraft for a while but the teacher wasn't great and I felt like I was wasting my money. One place I would reccommend is Fans of Cakebaker on Facebook. It's fab and I learnt so many of my early skills from there.

At one point I thought about turning this into a business but I got myself so stressed when making the cakes that now I stick to making them for friends and family as gifts. I hardly made any money from it and along with working full time it just wasn't worth the stress and worry.

Once again im blabbing on, I hope you like these cakes.

ps. most of these are watermarked with my initials cos I have taken them off my Facebook album.

Superhero cake for my nephew

My favourite design for a Christmas Cake

Dad's 60th birthday cake and it survived being taken on a plane!

Christmas Tree Giant Cupcake

"Moo Cow" cake and "Baa Sheep" cupcakes for my other nephew

70's theme for my niece

Spooky castle cake for my nephew - his demands are getting bigger each year!

Christmas Igloo ckae

Toy Story cake - this one really got me into cake decorating!

Giant cupcakes

Mario Kart themed cake for my nephew

New Year's Eve cake

Hedgehog cake (make this one with a sprained wrist so Himself had to help!)

White chocolate and caramel fin cake

Most stressful cake ever - Flying Scotsman cake

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