Remembering someone special

By A Wee Bit of Cake - April 26, 2013

Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of the passing of my Great Aunt Nellie. I can't believe its been 2 years since we said goodbye (update, it has now been 6 years). I'll never forget the time leading to her dying. She was diagnosed with cancer on the 18th March and she died on the 27th April, exactly 4 months after my cousin died. I was already struggling with the loss of my cousin the previous December and to have another family bereavement in such a short space of time was horrendous. The end of 2010 and he first half of 2011 was a pretty wretched time for my family.

She was a special lady and was my Granny's sister. My Granny died before I was born so my Aunt Nellie was like a surrogate grandmother to me and my brothers.

She always had a story to tell and I remember phoning her one time when I was at uni and we ended up being on the phone for over 2 hours! She loved a natter as much as the rest of us. It was a running joke in our family that when her and my Uncle Jackie called in that she always brought an apple pie with her to have with a cup of tea. When you served her tea it had to be in a china cup, never in a mug! For me there was just something special about her that I struggle to put into words.

It's odd, people say time is a healer but I don't think it is. You just have to find a new normal. I am just glad she lived a fairly long and happy life. At the wake my brother sang Robbie William's Nan's Song. At first I found it hard to listen to the words but now I find a great comfort in them.

I still miss her, the whole family does but over this weekend I want to remember her and the happy times.

L-R Aunt Nellie, Uncle Jackie, Granny, Granda

On her wedding day

Enjoying a boat trip with my mum

I just love this photo of me, Nellie and Mum

I miss you Aunt Nellie xxx

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