Easter Weekend

By A Wee Bit of Cake - April 02, 2013

Tuesday already! The bank holiday weekend went in far too quickly but I decided to book today and tomorrow off work as Himself is a teacher and on half term so its a good chance to spend some time together.

The weekend didn't start off great as on Friday we discovered the drain at the back on the house was leaking sewage (ick!) so we had to stay in waiting for the drain man to come out and fix it. It also meant the toilet was out of bounds, I couldn't clean cos I couldn't run water, I couldn't put the dishwasher on which meant I couldn't clean some baking stuff I was using the night before to finish my baking for the weekend.  I ended up watching Harry Potter no. 6 as there was nothing else to do and it took my mind off needing the loo!

Anyway it got sorted in the end which was a relief.

Ok, just realised this post looks like it might be a wee bit long so bare with me (or just skip to the photos if you want!)

So on Saturday we went down to Leicester to see some friends for the weekend. One of my friends from uni is about to give birth in 2 weeks and she was having a party for her husband's 30th. The afternoon was girls, cakes and a sort of baby shower so I baked my chocolate salted caramel cake and some baby themed cupcakes for mummy to be. Everyone else brought some sort of bake too and my friend Alex made these amazing chocolate and marshmallow "mushrooms." I have decided to have a go at making them myself sometime soon. So simple yet so cute and effective!

The evening then was down the pub for burgers and karaoke. It was such a good laugh but I think it is best that I don't post the videos from that evening on here. We also paked up some of the leftover cakes for people to graze on that evening.

Next day we all went for Easter lunch and I had the most amazing cheesecake for dessert. Raspberry and Bailey's with a white chocolate sauce. I definitely have to try and make it, it was just heaven!

Yesterday was a nice lazy day and we are off into town this afternoon to visit the new shopping centre in Leeds, Trinity.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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