Another Cake Club event!

By A Wee Bit of Cake - April 25, 2013

I had planned to post my banana muffin recipe today but the photos are on my phone and the stupid thing isn't connecting right to my computer grrr!

Instead I thought I would tell you about another Clandestine Cake event that took place on Sunday 14th April. My blog is starting to look at bit CCC obsessed but I find the events are like buses, there isn't one for a while then a few come along at once. It probably doesn't help that I belong to more than one group so this is bound to happen!

Anyway, back to the event! As I said it took place 2 weeks ago and it was for the Wharfedale group which covers Otley, Ilkley and all the surrounding villages. It was my first time going to this group as I joined it when we moved to Otley to help to meet some new people. I also helped Kathryn to organise this event which I found myself really enjoying - I love organising things!

So on that Sunday afternoon we all met at the Cheerful Chilli on the outskirts of Otley. It's a fab wee venue and has a real rustic feel to it. It really felt like a secret club were meeting cos I was directed up a set of stairs that you could easily miss. One person described it as "going up the secret stairs to the secret meeting."

The theme was Literary Divine and there was such an amazing variety of cakes. I baked a lemon yoghurt cake from Mary Berry's Baking Bible and everyone there was so creative in their flavours and design. I really loved an apple cake, I can't remember the flavour exactly but I did have more than one slice. Oh and there was a Rhubarb and Custard cake too - that was amazing!

God, I really do go on a bit don't I? Sorry, it's the Irish in me!

Anyway, here are the photos from the day.

Oh a before I forget a special thank-you to Kathryn not only for organising it but also for letting us use her adorable china crockery!

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