Clandestine Cake Club

By A Wee Bit of Cake - March 26, 2013

About a year ago I decided to join the Clandestine Cake Club. Now I am pretty cake obsessed and I seem to bring the subject of cake into most conversations. I was so excited to find a group that seemed to be full of people that shared the same passion for cakes and baking as I did.

I have been to numerous events over the past year and it really is the best club ever and it is all down to the wonderful Lynn Hill. The CCC started off in Leeds and since then it has grown to have clubs right across the globe!

At each event a group of us get together at a venue which we only find out the location of a few days before the event. There is always a theme and we bake a cake to suit the theme. No cupcakes/brownies/muffins, it is all about the cake! We try a bit of each others bakes and then at the end of the event we all bring the remaining cake home - honestly it is a genius idea!

I belong to the Leeds City Centre, Headingley and Wharfedale groups and they are all fab. Next event is only a few weeks away - I really need to think of what to bake...

I have also recently been helping Kathryn at the Wharfedale CCC with organising some future events which I'm really excited about!

I have met some wonderful people at these events and I would strongly reccomend that you join your local one if you are interested in all things cake.

Here are a few photos from previous events.

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